Make your meetings magical.

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We make digital events and learning simple and exciting.

How we make the magic happen
Merlin provides meeting planners, event organizers and educators an intuitive, flexible and engaging platform that exists to elevate your online experiences.

Who is Merlin for?


Listen to speakers and seminars with our digital attendance experience. Magical ipsum.

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Don’t sacrifice face to face interactions in a post-COVID world. Malesuada fusce meet.

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Create effective digital learning environments nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo.

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Merlin revitalizes the synergy in your remote teams.

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Offering memorable digital conferences depends on crafting the right blend of attendees, exhibitors and presenters that offer unique value to one another. Merlin offers the right tools to provide a marketplace of engaged attendees, exhibitors and presenters.


Meet the future of digital human experiences.

Secure from the start.
We built Merlin from the ground up with security in mind. That means SSL, encryption, and all the best practices everywhere.
Isolated instances.
Each Merlin client and event is completely separated from the rest to ensure full customizability, stability, and scalability.
Identity? Managed.
Merlin signs in with Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or custom SSO to ensure that your attendees are true attendees.
Speed matters.
Merlin is built to deliver data in milliseconds, because in a large team setting, communication should never be hindered.
Infinitely scalable.
Whether you’re having a shareholder meeting or addressing the nation, Merlin uses a CDN to scale with ease.
Fun & delightful
We’ve built delightful interactions and to ensure the sparkle bridges the gap between the physical and digital realm.
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